Wooden Earrings & Carved Jewelry

Wood Earrings, Tribal Jewelry, Organic Earrings and Beadwork

Island Jewelry and Wood Earrings 

coconut earrings
wooden earrings

Handmade wood earrings, tribal earrings, fake gauge jewelry, faux stretchers : Hipster Style without stretching your lobes.

Organic Gauged Earrings : Organic Body Jewelry & Stretchers, Gauges and Organic Jewelry. 

gauged earrings and organic body jewelry
hand carved coconut earrings, made by traditional artists in 100% natural materials

Our wooden earrings are the best available on Earth. just ask anyone! We love what we do, and loving wooden earrings and jewelry makes creating them something that delights people and makes most wonderful gifts.

We hand-make all our boho, spiral and tribal jewelry in the best materials available on our planet while maintaining eco friendly practices. Our collections of jewelry and earrings made in wood has over 500 styles to choose from, and you will love it all!